Our Strategy

Gambling continues to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment, enjoyed by millions of people. With increasing regulation impacting on operators and players it is critical that balanced and informed opinions are available to those who choose this as a form of leisure.

The ‘Responsible Gaming Group’ will create destinations to offer the very best advice to players to help them continue to play responsibly whilst at the same time supporting the operators by showcasing the tools and resources that they provide for their customers to manage their gambling activities in a sustainable manner.

Our strategy, focused on four core areas is underpinned by a desire to create an ethical and sustainable business that helps to deliver the following.


  • Players need good advice and education to ensure that they can pursue this form of entertainment without consequence.
  • A significant proportion of responsibility lies with the players and they have to be better informed about how to take and remain in control.
  • Players deserve to have an all year round focus and timely reminders. Not to be the subject of a 1-week campaign.


  • The debate needs to be better balanced with more focus on the fact that many enjoy betting and the revenue it creates for good causes.
  • The industry needs to ensure that business volume and employee wellbeing is protected but achieved in more responsible ways.
  • Bringing a peaceful co-existence today will ensure that the industry is able to sustain the correct behaviours for the future.


  • Many sporting organisations rely on income from sponsorship and will want and need to continue with their relationships.
  • Clubs with a partnership also have a duty to provide their audiences with advice on responsible behaviours but in an independent way.
  • Audiences will hold their club in much higher regard if they are actively seen to be taking responsibility for their part in creating the right behaviours.


  • All organisations have a duty of care to provide advice and guidance to employees to help their physical and mental well-being.
  • Businesses will benefit from greater productivity leading to improved retention if focusing on topics that impact on employees out of work.
  • Improving awareness of the risks of irresponsible behaviour will help to prevent downtime, sickness and financial irregularities.


Across all our platforms we are ideally positioned to support the industry with balanced opinion and informative content, that is dedicated to creating a more educated audience of players committed to responsible behaviours.

We are well-positioned because…

We Are Independent

As sports enthusiasts who like a bet, we are proud of our industry focus. Our team is employed to ensure that we can credibly comment on it without the need for any influence from elsewhere. We have consultancy relationships with operators that has no influence on our approach to how we ourselves execute our strategy.

We are multi-platform

We have brands dedicated to the different stakeholders in the process. Bet Responsible facing the industry, Punters Blogs facing the players and Play Responsible facing our partners. Each of them underpinned with the core messages of being player led and industry focused to help shape future behaviour.

We have talent in depth

We have a team of individuals who are all dedicated to watching sport and enjoy betting. They each bring a unique talent to the organisation that enables us to deliver content and education to groups and individuals of all types to ensure the very best learning experiences.

We know the industry

Our business has a wealth of experience from working within the gaming industry across many different operators in multiple territories. Understanding the wider aspects of how the industry functions allow us to comment with authority and a balanced opinion benefitting players and those who operate within.

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