Responsible Gaming Group to develop BettorMind

29 th March, 2021

The Responsible Gaming Group have begun the development of a product that is hoped will inspire people who choose betting as a form of entertainment to learn and adopt the key behaviours needed to  continue the enjoyment of playing. ‘BettorMind’ , is the app that helps players to create a personalised journey towards a positive betting mindset. This will be delivered in the form of engaging content about betting and behaviour as well as a number of other interactive learning options. The app is also committed to creating the biggest community of responsible players who can ensure that communal learning is a core feature.

Amy Willsher, the Head of Content & Marketing and marketing for the group believes this will have a very positive impact on all the key stakeholders involved. “Our goal is to inform players about the basics and the complexities of betting and gaming and to inspire them to learn and adopt the core behaviours that are the make up of the responsible player who gets enjoyment and entertainment from their activities. Most of all we aim to empower them act on the knowledge gained to enable them to sustain their experience for a lifetime”.

It is expected that the app will be available to download in the early part of the summer.

About Responsible Gaming Group

Responsible Gaming Group is an advisory and education business committed to promoting responsible and sustainable gaming in a safe and socially responsible manner. Our products and services consist of content publishing, web development, consultancy, and are fully independent of direct consumer advertising from operators.