Play Responsible To Serve Organisations

20 th April, 2020

Responsible Gaming Group has launched ‘Play Responsible’ dedicated to providing responsible gambling messaging for organisations to push within their own audiences.

Steve Armstrong, Managing Director and Founder of Responsible Gaming Group, said:

“Many sports clubs benefit from revenue through advertising from the gambling industry. It is key that those who do are taking some responsibility for sharing the right messages on what is the right behaviour when choosing to gamble. Given our independence we can help them to have the right communication at the right time to ensure they can continue to have commercial relationships that benefit them and their communities” 

“There are also many businesses and groups out there with a duty to the wellbeing of their employees, members and communities. They too have a part to play in ensuring that the right messaging on the subject of gambling is available so that players can take part in something they enjoy in a responsible way”

Play Responsible is dedicated to ensuring that the gambling industry is given more assistance in the promotion of the right behaviours from all of the key stakeholders involved. 

About Responsible Gaming Group

Responsible Gaming Group is an advisory and education business committed to promoting responsible and sustainable gaming in a safe and socially responsible manner. Our products and services consist of content publishing, web development, consultancy, and are fully independent of direct consumer advertising from operators.